This project relives diverse paintings from the Pop Art to the Renaissance in a photographic implementation. The target was to express the masterpieces in a modern way and to assume ongoing problems. How would the protagonists look like nowadays? What would their concerns, problems or desires be now? The answers can be found in an equivalent book which has been created collaterally to the photo series. It replies some of those questions and criticizes them in a funny way without forgetting to inform the reader about the masterpieces themselves.
Recreation of "The girl with the pearl earring", Jan Vermeer (1512)
Recreation of "The last supper", Leonardo da Vinci (1498)
Recreation of "Composition", Piet Mondrain (1921)

Recreation of  "M-Maybe", Roy Lichtenstein (1965)
Recreation of "Fire in the evening", Paul Klee (1929)
Recreation of "Supermus", Kasimir Malewitsch (1915)
Recreation of "Color study", Wassily Kandinsky (1913)

Recreation of "The boating party", Pierre-Auguste Renoir, (1881)
Recreation of "Red Wedge", El Lissitzky (1919)
Recreation of "Self-portait", Van Gogh (1889)
Recreation of "Whistler`s Mother", James McNeill Whistler (1872)
Recreation of "The Sublime Moment", Salvador Dali (1938)

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