An explorative playground 🔭 driven mostly by curiosity, showing my creative process 🎢, ideas💡and some selected, not used design concepts.

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During a branding project I usually develop 2-3 different visual concepts based on a specific guiding idea. Only one idea can make it so the other concepts are going never to be seen. I wanted to change that and created a special space for them here to be (re-)discovered and give you a glimpse into my working methods.

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I truly love typography. There are so many different typefaces out there and it's amazing how much effect a well-chosen type can have in a corporate communication. In this section I want to celebrate the power of type and take you on a journey into the world of letters.


No matter how important some projects are, there should be always space for some fun and experiments. Here I want to collect and show ideas, drafts and projects made for the soul.